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Mountain View, CA

In 1956 Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, the first company to develop silicon semiconductor devices in what become known as Silicon Valley. Today many of the largest tech companies in the world are headquartered in the city, including Google, Mozilla Foundation, Symantec, and Intuit to name just a few

Noteworthy people that have lived in or call Mountain View Home

  • Steve Fainaru: Journalist (Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting)
  • Sheryl Johnson: Three-time Olympian in field hockey

Zip Codes Served: 94040, 94041, 94043

Dog-Friendly Stores

  • Costco
  • Pet Food Express

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

  • All most all with out door seating on Castro Street (great for people watching)

Dog-Friendly Parks

  • Rengstaff Park
  • Budd Park
  • Castro Park
  • Cuesta Park
  • Heritage Park