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About Us

Thanks to the three bad boys Sylvester, Rocky, and Dudley do Right (who could never do right), it was Rocky the lone survivor at fourteen that developed thyroid disease (common in older cats) and needed meds twice a day. I am not a fan of boarding if you don’t have to. After five years of not taking a vacation or going away from home more than twelve hours at a time. I realized that there must be others just like me in the same situation. Since I did it for five years for my own cat, I sure could help others that might want to travel (for business or pleasure). That was twenty years ago. Yes, before it was cool to run your own business, pre-internet, cell phones the size of irons, and a family who thought I was nuts for leaving the corporate world (I had a future in accounting), I started my own pet sitting business. Call me brave, naive or just plain old crazy, to this day I am still serving my human clients. However, I must be truthful. I still do it mostly for the critters whom I consider my ‘real clients’

Name game

Let me tell you a story about a little girl. Her family was fond of giving nicknames. The two that stuck for me are Minnie Mouse (now just M) and Dr. Doolittle (I always talked to the animals) and didn’t like talking to adults. Since both of those names or their derivatives are trademarked, I couldn’t use them for a business name. So back to the drawing board. My nieces and nephews all called me Auntie “M”… when you are just learning to talk, saying Marion is hard. My sister Linda, who knows me best, looked at me and said, “Auntie ‘M’ there’s no place like home.” We did a little bit more fussing with wording and Auntie “M” No Place Like Home Pet Sitting was born. Over the years I have had fun with Toto the unfaithful answering machine. I don’t even want to talk about the ruby red (silver for book readers) slippers

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